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Istoria is a travel brand that is all about history. Our tours are built around a love of the past, and they are run by experts in their fields. All of our guides not only know where they are taking you, but why. Everyone either holds, or is studying towards an advanced history degree. If not, then they’ve been working in their field for decades. 


We don’t like to charge around monuments and battlefields at breakneck speed so that you can say you’ve “been”. We like to tell stories. Whether it’s a campaign, a battle, a single event or your favourite regiment, your hometown or your football club; we’ll get you from the beginning to the end of your tour understanding not only where things happened, but why you are looking at them and how they impact the world today.


We run our tours with expert guides, but also with dedicated tour managers. More staff means a richer experience and more attention to detail. We like to make sure that we’re giving everyone the attention they deserve. 


We do the history, but we do other things too. You shouldn’t come away from a new place thinking that you have missed out on all of the other things it has to offer. This is your hard-earned holiday time.  Who can go to Jordan in search of Lawrence of Arabia and not stop in at Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World? On other tours, you  can expect to see cultural activities like brewery visits or the chance to take a glass bottomed boat ride on the Red Sea. We’ll make sure that we get you to everything from the Prosecco being made to authentic Arab bazaars. 

We run three types of tour:

Standard: These are our accessible tours. Some light walking will be required normally, but we can accommodate those who are differently abled on these trips.

Active: Want to hike through the sands of Arabia and camp in the desert, or scamper about Northern Italy in search of the war in the mountains? These are the kind of experiences available on our active tours.


Bespoke: Want to travel in your own group? Or as a family? Or do you have a particularly niche interest? Maybe it’s rugby players and the war, or an in depth look at one battle. Whatever you want to see, we will help you build your dream tour from scratch.

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