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Istoria's Bespoke Tours

We're blushing, but people tell us they choose Istoria time and time again for bespoke battlefield tours and history trips because we do three simple things, brilliantly. 

  • Istoria's Bespoke Tours are designed around YOU. 

  • Our expert tour team builds flexibility in, from the outset.

  • And from research to refreshments, nothing's left to chance.


Maybe you want something fast-paced, fitting lots in, like a bucket-list tour? Game on. Or to travel more gently, so you have plenty of time for reflection? Of course, that goes without saying. Clubs, companies ... perhaps you're a family or a group of friends.


Team-building. Trips of a Lifetime. Tell us what you'd like to do.

Our historians and battlefield experts can't wait to find out where YOU want to go next, and to start researching the very, VERY personal elements of your bespoke Istoria Tour. 


Discover history the way YOU want to.


Travel. Reflect.

Explore at YOUR pace.


Visit. Learn.



Discover YOUR past.

GALLIPOLI - Sunflowers.JPG

Tours made for YOU.

Examples of multi-day, Bespoke Tours:

Waterloo In Depth

The History of Italy: Naples to Venice by Rail

Scotland: A Heritage Discovery Road Trip

Sicily: Wine, WW2 and the Godfather


Examples of multi-day, Day Trips:

WW1 Time Travel Walk (for schools in London)

The Duke of Wellington’s London 

Ghost-hunting at the Woolwich Arsenal (kids tour)

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (excursion from London)

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