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Dunkirk in a Weekend

Tour Code: S115

Discover an iconic Second World War operation

A key moment in the war in the west, join our team to spend a weekend getting to know how the British (and some French) got to Dunkirk and how they got away.

Tour Type: Standard

Price: From £399pp

Tour Code: S115

The beach at Dunkirk


Day 1: After an early start we begin by examining the story of Blitzkrieg, British and French resistance. We will take in the lie of the land from Cassel and learn about the realities of the German invasion of Belgium at locations such as Wormhout, site of an SS massacre. We finish with a special dinner on board the Princess Elizabeth, which participated in Operation Dynamo and saved more than 1500 lives. Over dinner you’ll have the chance to hear all about Josh’s experience working on the 2017 film Dunkirk. 


Day 2: We spend today learning all about the evacuation from Dunkirk. There will be time on the beaches, on the Mole,  in the museum, at the cemetery and the memorial. We will also do our very best to coincide with low tide and make sure you get a look at the stunning wreck of the Crested Eagle, wunk with the loss of more than 300 livesl After learning about how britain almost made peace with Hitler, we’ll hop back across the channel and finish our tour at Dover with the story of bringing the BEF home. Here we hope to have a very special surprise for you!

This itinerary is also available as a bespoke/private tour for groups. It can also be adjusted to cater for more specific interests. Please enquire for availability. 


Travel to and from France from the UK

Air conditioned transport

3 & 4* hotel accommodation with breakfast

City taxes

Entry to museums and sites

Bottled water

Group dinner on the Queen Elizabeth



Meet the Team

Josh Levine is a best-selling author and historian. He also acted as Christopher Nolan’s historical advisor or the Hollywood smash hit “Dunkirk.” An ambassador for the RAF Museum, he’s passionate about preserving the memory of the Second World War.

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