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Orkney Odyssey


'Orkney Odyssey - strategic location, tactical advantage, and a wild, wild landscape. It's a battlefield tour, it's a history trip, and we won't hold back..."

"... and no one cares for bloody us, in bloody Orkney."



We very nearly called this trip 'Bloody Orkney', as a tribute to the poem by Captain Hamish Blair, RN. He was said to be stationed at Scapa Flow (and you'll find Blair's words of wisdom below) - but WW2 is not where we begin. Orkney is a whole treasure trove of history. Whatever your interest, this is one helluva trip.


We'll be visiting as many of the poignant reminders of war as we can during our time on the islands. From gun emplacements and searchlight stations to Churchill's barriers, Kitchener's monument and beyond. Of course, you wouldn't expect to visit Orkney without seeing Scapa Flow, too. We'll be digging deep into Orkney's  vivid past, with all the guidance of expert historians. 



In all its wild glory, Orkney's location made these islands an ideal base for the British Home Fleet during both World Wars. It was here, the German Fleet was interned after the 1918 Armistice, and then scuttled in the summer of 1919.

Naturally, we'll be raising a glass. Orkney Odyssey wouldn't be an Istoria tour, if we didn't offer you the chance to visit a distillery (soft options available too!). The weather on Orkney can be sublime, but wet-weather clothing will be a must.

Full details to be released, but we're taking details now. If you're interested in joining us for this very special trip -- click below, send us your details.

Tour Type: Active

1st - 8th June 2025

Orkney Odyssey Istoria Hamish Blair.png
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