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Tour Code: S105

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Immerse yourself in the battle that redefined the map of Europe.

Waterloo is an event that has embedded itself in popular culture. Napoleon Bonaparte’s final battle saw the two greatest commanders of the era face off as he fought the Duke of Wellington for the only time in their careers. 

Tour Type: Standard

Price: From £649.00pp

Tour Code: S105

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Day 1: We arrive in Waterloo and jump straight in with a visit to the town to take in Wellington’s Headquarters prior to the battle and local memorials. We then head south for our first view of the battlefield itself. We come face to face with a victim of the fighting at the 1815 memorial museum before climbing the famous Lion’s mound for a panoramic view of the battlefield.


Day 2: Did you know that the Waterloo campaign was actually four separate battles? Today we go back in time to 16th June 1815 to learn all about how the Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny shaped what was to come two days later. 


Day 3: Today it’s back to Waterloo for an in depth look at the battlefield. we will visit all of the positions on the Allied line from La Haye Sainte, to Hougoumont and Papelotte. There are French positions to explore too, including La Belle Alliance.  We will also visit Napoleon’s headquarters; La Dernier Quartier as well as various memorials. We are on a mission to deconstruct some of the myths that have become accepted as fact since and gain a full appreciation of what took place on 18th June 1815.


Day 4: On our final mornng we look at the Battle of Wavre, where the Prussian rear guard bought time for the rest of Blücher’s army to come to Wellington’s aid. It’s a fight that is often overlooked but integral to the story of the Allied victory at Waterloo. 

This itinerary is also available as a bespoke/private tour for groups. It can also be adjusted to cater for more specific interests. Please enquire for availability. 


Travel to and from Belgium

4* Accommodation with breakfast included

City taxes

Admissions to all museums and tourist sites


The cost of lunches and evening meals

Meet the Team

Zack is our lead Napoleonic guide and has a PhD in Wellington's army. A specialist in crime and punishment, he is passionate about taking people to Waterloo and introducing them to everything that a nineteenth century battlefield has to offer. 

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